Boarding Services

Liberty Hill offers the opportunity to board and train at the finest facility in the area. We ensure individualized, meticulous care with superior service.

It’s all about a great program!”

Horses benefit from a quiet, predictable and safe environment. Our well-rounded program includes daily turnout, regular exercise, competent training, knowledgeable feeding, supplementing, medicating, timely veterinary, farrier and dental care. All of this makes a tremendous difference in the performance and overall well-being of your horse.  We will help you set, reach and maintain realistic goals by planning and following a custom program for you and your horse.

Monthly board includes:

  • A large, well ventilated, matted stall, cleaned twice daily
  • 2-3 grain feedings as your horse requires
  • Free choice homegrown timothy hay and fresh water at all times
  • Daily turnout in large, private grass paddocks
  • Daily booting, blanketing and laundry service
  • Scheduled worming and inoculations according to our scheduled program
  • Arrangement for routine veterinary, farrier and dentist visits
  • Salt blocks, hand walks, medical care, grooming, love, treats, etc.

Monthly Board Does Not Include:

  • Farrier, dental or veterinarian fees
  • Worming cost
  • Laundering of heavier blankets
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Exercise (riding, lunging or extensive/multiple hand walks)
  • Full Service Grooming (tacking, baths, etc…) $25/day or $350/mo
  • Body Clipping- $175 horses/$125 ponies
  • Shipping – $2.00 per loaded mile
  • Blanket Cleaning/Tack Repair/Massage/Chiropractic Therapy- varies
  • Advance Payment by Liberty Hill for outside services – 10%

Monthly Boarding & Training Rates

Full Board – $1000.    Multiple Stalls – $900. each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Training Board – $1200 – includes 1 lesson or training ride per week

Kathryn and Eddie